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It's all influenced by how we eat, and our first meal sets the tone. It's one simple decision that can decide our energy levels, our motivation and even what we eat for the rest of the day. The Basiks range is crafted to make that first choice easy - something simple, healthy and delicious, to set up for a good day. A delicious range of grab and go breakfasts that are designed to hit your health goals, and taste a little bit awesome. Basiks is currently available for limited orders direct to your home - use our contact form to see if Basiks is available for delivery to you!

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In cultures all around the world, Ginger has been used to boost immunity and combat colds and flus. It is so effective because of its antioxidant and antibacterial properties. Our Ginger Boy blend is your super secret immune booster. With a bright, warm taste coupled with its healing properties, you're set for a happy, healthy day.


  • Dehydrated Ginger & Mandarin - a Vitamin C power couple, helping boost immunity, brain and muscle health
  • Maple Syrup - an awesome sugar substitute, Maple Syrup is fructose free - (so good for the stomach) and low GI, which means long burn energy
  • Dates - another low GI source of energy, which means energy all day. Dates are full of vitamins, and have a rich, sweet taste
  • Buckwheat Groats, Pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds - crunchy, yummy and great for circulation
  • Puffed Millet - low calorie and high in fibre means you'll feel fuller without having to work it off!

pH is a balanced way to start your day with everything you need. A mix of oats, berries, grains and nuts designed to deliver energy, proteins and good fats. It's a blend of sweet and crunchy, without any preservatives or added sugars, which means you're in for a tasty breakfast and a productive day.


  • Oats - high in fiber and protein, oats regulate blood sugar levels and increase circulation
  • Dehydrated Raspberry - high in Vitamin C and Antioxidants
  • Dried Goji Berries & Currants - more Antioxidants! These help eliminate free radicals in the body which may reduce the risk of many diseases
  • Mixed Puff Multi-Grain - high in fiber without being weighed down by calories
  • Almonds - - a super-nut high in protein, good fats, vitamins
  • Hazelnuts - another great source of protein and good fat

Some people's stomachs don't deal well with fructose - the sugar found in most fruits and natural sweeteners. It can cause bloating and other stomach problems, and lots of people don't know fructose is the culprit! One of the first of its kind, Harvest uses a blend of nuts, dehydrated veggies and grains, mixed with nutmeg and maple syrup, to provide a tasty - fructose free - breakfast. So if you have trouble with bloating or an upset stomach in the or after eating, then maybe it's time to try Harvest.


  • Maple Syrup & Nutmeg - maple syrup is a healthy, natural sweetener and nutmeg helps circulation, indigestion and stress levels. Chilled out, healthy and sweet - like us
  • Dehydrated Pumpkin & Sweet Potato - veggies for breakfast?! Crazy right? Not really, they have an amazing blend of fiber and antioxidants without the bloating.
  • Dehydrated Beetroot - beetroot cleans the blood and liver, the foundation of your day-to-day health
  • Almonds - a powerhouse of energy, full of proteins, good-fats and vitamins
  • Buckwheat, Pumpkin & Sunflower Seeds - a crunchy mix that helps your circulation to boot!

Why Does Your Breakfast Matter?

The Basiks

The Basiks Range was developed by Candice, a nutritionist who wants to give people a healthier way to start their day. She worked with her clients dietary needs crafting and testing blends she knew would support the health requirements of people from all walks of life, and get them excited about breakfast again!

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In Store

Basiks is being released in select stores around Australia. Join our stockists program to offer your customers a healthy, tasty way to start their day, and get access to exclusive tastings, and heaps of handy nutritional advice.

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